By Molly Cline




If you are expecting a box office hit, this is not the movie for you.  If you are looking for a sappy chick flick to go to with your boyfriend and make out, however, then this is it.

The eleventh Nicholas Sparks film adaptation, The Choice is like any other Nicholas Sparks film or book.  All of the elements of Sparks’ books come out in this movie: people with totally different personalities fall in love, displaced significant others, betrayal, tragedy and heartbreak.  Pretty much everything that avid Nicholas Sparks fans would expect, it’s the same basic story just told in a different way.

Gabby Holland (Teresa Parker) is in her home with notebooks and papers sprawled around her table.  She is a medical student with a doctor boyfriend, Ryan (Tom Welling).  Loud music and her suspicion that her dog Molly is pregnant bring Gabby outside to confront her neighbor Travis (Benjamin Walker).  Gabby boldly states that Travis’s dog impregnated Molly and that he was responsible for everything.  That marks the end of that conversation. Gabby is left feeling like Travis is everything she’s not: loud, obnoxious and had no regard for anyone but himself.

Travis and Gabby both bothered each other so much that it leads them to become taken by each other. Gabby plays hard to get for a while until she finally realizes that could only last for so long, and that she must break it off with Ryan.  After Travis tells Gabby “I love you, I love you, I love you,” she is faced with a hard decision: whether to be with Ryan or Travis.  As viewers learn in a voiceover of Travis talking in the beginning of the movie, one small choice can dictate the rest of your life.

Seven years and two children later, Travis finds himself faced with the toughest decision of his life.  After an accident, Gabby is on life support and it is nearing the time where Travis must decide if he should pull the plug or not.  Watch the movie to feel the emotions of all the characters and events, and figure out how the choices of Gabby and Travis dictate their fates forever.


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