College Fashion: My Thoughts

By Jane Lee

What is college?  The answer to this question can’t be summarized easily.  It can encompass academics, research, explorations, friends, RSOs and finding identity.  Today’s society indulges in social media and what the norms are, or rather, seeks out what the standards of “ideals” are.  So how do students display their identity in the midst of searching for one of their own?  An evident outlet is through clothing, an outward form of expression that portrays emotions, personality and day-to-day activities.

College students have the motivation, time and sense to pull themselves together and look appealing for classes, meetings or even work.  Those who adore fashion don’t seem to become hindered by hard-hitting morning classes, or allow dreadful weather to triumph over them.  College is about colliding with the unfamiliar and fashion is the perfect outlet for such an opportunity.


Lazy Days Call for Coffee Dates



Whenever it’s pouring, drizzling or you’re just feeling a bit stressed and/or down with “senioritis” (even if you aren’t one), dress in something comfortable and cozy.  Eliminate your inner tension with an effortless look.  Throw your hair up in a messy bun or fishtail braid. Thinking of wearing sweats?  Sure.  Hop into some joggers that aren’t all too baggy and pair them with a snug hoodie, just to keep your silhouette slightly visible.  Slip on a pair of shoes that scream for attention, such as the platform or the trending creeper version of sneakers, and head out for a study/coffee date with your “Mi Amour,” friends or just alone (because everybody needs some alone time to reflect once in awhile).


Exam Days Call for… “If I can’t think the part, I can look the part.”



Midterms and finals seem to sneak up on students all too quickly and ever so often.  The libraries become packed with students, cramming in every last bit of information they possibly can in a short time span.  They last saw the sun exactly 24 hours ago, and walking out of the library the next morning to see the sunrise… there’s no doubt that exhaustion will sweep over.  But no, there is absolutely no excuse to not head back for a wardrobe change.  Exams have students anxious and while confidence somewhat lingers in the air, the fragrance of doubt arises a bit more.  So why not dress in something that makes you feel put together and confident?  If you can’t think the part (though you surely know more than you think you do), at least look the part!  Wear your favorite pair of jeans, style your hair and enter that exam building with excitement, proving that you’re intelligent and glowing in both knowledge and beauty.


College fashion is a form of experimentation, mixing and matching different styles to form an outward appeal of multiple moods, thoughts and characters.  It’s okay to have no motivation to get ready and neatly dressed for class or meetings sometimes, but make the best attempt to present yourself so that others may admire your radiating confidence. Picture your campus quad as the runway at NYFW or PFW – take your pick.


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All images are from Pinterest.

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