Our Celebrity Cutie Picks

By Vanessa Herrera


February, the month of love and roses.  But if you’re like me, you’re waiting for February 15 when the chocolates go on sale.  And you know what goes well with chocolates? Gorgeous male celebrities.  So grab your chocolates and a glass of water, it’s about to get hot in here.


Jimmy Garoppolo


With the Super Bowl this month, I couldn’t help scavenging for a football player who would steal anyone’s heart with a single glance.  It was then when I came across Jimmy Garoppolo. With a million dollar smile, this man will surely become the movie quarterback of your dreams.  You’ll find yourself singing Taylor Swift’s song “You Belong with Me” as you watch this quarterback for the New England Patriots.  Word has it that this young man is actually still single.  There’s still hope for the rest of us!


Eugene Lee Yang


If you’re a loyal Buzzfeed follower like me, you probably have come across Eugene.  Not only is his fashion taste on point, his personality makes him ten times more attractive.  He’s not afraid to take photos dressed as a woman or simply in his birthday suit (wink).


Zac Efron


The teenage heartthrob has grown into a massive hottie.  Though his recent movies have not received positive critiques, many have actually enjoyed them.  However, he continues to bless us with films regardless, never letting us forget those bewitching eyes.  My favorite movie of Zac’s is Hairspray, in which he plays Link Larkin with one curl falling perfectly on his forehead.  He also stole our hearts in Charlie St. Cloud where he began acting in more serious roles, trying to shed his High School Musical image.  Whether you see him as Troy singing through the hallways or as a frat guy, he’ll always have a special place in your heart.




K-Pop has taken the United States through a wave of emotions, from judging your friends for listening to it to suddenly finding yourself dancing to its songs.  Once you’re exposed, you can’t help finding many of the artists to be either very cute or sexy.  Choi Seung-hyun, better known as T.O.P, is one of the many artists that will make you want to grab a glass of water.  From his impeccable fashion taste to his flawless face, you can’t help but wish he was your Fantastic Baby.


Nick Bateman


Ladies and gents, I introduce to you my future husband.  Though he doesn’t know me yet, it’s only matter of time for our paths to cross (or if someone shows him this article).  Not only is he an actor and a model, he’s a massive Instagram and Snapchat user.  Once you start following him you’ll not only notice his chiseled abs and jawline, but his adorable dog Joey.  You’ll wish this Canadian hunk would look at you the way he looks at Joey.  Bateman is also talented in martial arts, opening his own school at age 20.  This year he will be starring in the film Ugly Love, playing an airline pilot with a dark secret and desires.



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