Valentine’s Day Expectations: Guys vs. Girls

By Carmen Castillo


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I spoke with seven women and seven men to see what their expectations are for this loving holiday.

One similarity that both groups had in common was simple: nothing.  When I asked the ladies what they would expect from a man whom they are involved with for a Valentine’s Day gift, they all said that they didn’t necessarily expect anything.  Some women did admit that although they don’t expect anything, they always get something nice from their lover anyways, whether it be flowers, chocolate, romantic cards or even a teddy bear.  One woman said that she would be happy with dinner and chocolate.

The men were all on the same page: Valentine’s Day is more about the ladies.




“I don’t expect anything for Valentine’s Day. That’s why Sweetest Day was invented,” one man responded.  A couple guys did joke about wanting a little pleasure in the bedroom, and I was sure someone would fess up to that.  Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, so who can blame them for being honest?

Another guy said that nowadays flowers are a must, “especially since they are sold on every corner come Valentine’s Day weekend.”  If you’re a girl who is looking for advice for Valentine’s Day or even relationship advice in general, keep in mind that some guys like equal contribution: “I prefer things that are unorthodox. Breaking those gender norms of getting gifts for the person or having one person pay for everything, so you feel affirmed by them.”

I noticed that answers varied within different age groups as well.  The younger crowd expressed the things that they would want, while the older crowd mentioned what they are used to getting and that they are completely satisfied.

If you are unsure about what you what to plan for your Valentine, don’t stress it.  It’s the thought that counts.



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