Couples Fitness

By Kelli Walker


Exercising is known for its many benefits, such as improving your mood/energy, changing your weight, combating health problems and so on.  With so many ways in which exercising can boost your individual health, then why not start using exercise to benefit your relationship?




1.) One great way to start is to sign up for a class. Consider trying something new that you and your significant other both take an interest in: snowboarding, indoor climbing, swimming, martial arts or other sports.

This will allow both you and your partner to start fresh, and to see how well he or she responds to new challenges and obstacles.




2.) Another great activity to try is dancing.  Learning a new dance is a great way of letting your body relax while simultaneously bonding and learning to move with your partner.

It is also a great way to establish patience for your partner.




3.) Make it a competition!  If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are competitive, then why not make exercising into a fun game?

Try setting a goal and reaching it together in the shortest time, or see who can reach it first.  This is a great way to motivate and support one another while getting a good competitive workout.




4.) If being competitive doesn’t suit you or your partner, then try exercises that rely on each other’s support.

Exercises that rely on the support of your partner will help to build trust among you both.




5.) Try out yoga!  Aside from gaining flexibility and sharpening your mentality, you and your significant other can connect on both an emotional and spiritual level.

Not to mention that you guys can both be closer physically (wink).




*Image Sources:

All images are from Pinterest.

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