5 Easy DIY Crafts for Valentine’s Day

By Ruth Chung


There are perhaps about three days on our calendars where we stop and really show love to those we care about: birthdays, Thanksgiving and around the winter holidays.  But who says that Valentine’s Day can’t be a day that extends beyond our significant others?  There are so many people in our lives whom we love and appreciate that should also be reminded how much they mean to us.  Homemade gifts are an efficient, heartwarming and simple way to show them that we care.

To prepare for this upcoming holiday of love and appreciation, here are five easy-to-make DIY crafts!


  1. Valentine’s Pom Pom Bouquet



Does somebody you know love flowers?  If you’re tired of sending them similar bouquets and want to make the gift more personable, try making these handmade bouquets.  This craft might take a bit more time and effort, but the result will be both beautiful and long-lasting.

Supplies needed: scissors, green felt, assorted ribbon and twine, white spray paint, assorted colored yarn, found twigs, hot glue gun


  1. Pom-Pom Wreath



If flowers are not your thing, try making a different plant-like gift like this pom-pom wreath!

Supplies needed: Scissors, tissue paper, floral wire, Styrofoam wreath, hot glue gun


  1. Heart-Top Truffle Box



Sometimes the best way to show love is through the stomach.  Learn how to make simple heart-shaped candy boxes and fill them up with treats!

Supplies needed: Card stock, scissors, glue stick


  1. Candle in a Bottle



For a more practical gift, try making this bottled candle.  This is something that can be used again and again and will brighten the mood in any room.

Supplies needed: 2 sheets of reading book paper, scissors, clean glass bottle, glue


  1. Rainbow Sock Hearts



This craft may be well-suited to the younger people in your life.  These little sock-hearts are both cute and fun and will easily be adored.

Supplies needed: colored socks, polyfil or rice filler, needle and thread




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