Tips For Making Long Distance Relationships Last

By Mea Donnelly




Long distance can be a huge pain.  Many couples go into it thinking things will be much easier than they really are.  By Thanksgiving, the annual “turkey dump” begins— the process where half of those high school relationships existing prior to college cease to exist.  By the end of the best four years of one’s life, the majority of high school relationships are long dead and the lucky one percent goes out with everyone declaring that they want a love like that.  For the other group of college daters, they probably met their significant other while at UIUC.  While this group is much luckier, the winter —and eventually summer— breaks you guys will have to face will seem daunting.  But if you really think your love is one to last, here are some tips —with the help of a 9-month long distance survivor— on how to make it last.




1.) Communication.

I cannot stress this one enough.  The key to any healthy relationship is open communication and the ability to communicate well.  Make an effort to set up times to talk on the phone or Facetime a couple times a week.  This way you will be able to talk to one another frequently, and each of you will still be able to live your own lives at your different colleges.  Luckily for our generation text messaging exists, so try and send at least a couple messages per day.  Try to keep up with what is important in your significant other’s life and stay engaged with each other’s activities.

2.) Make an effort to visit each other.

This can be a bit tougher, but it definitely is appreciated.  Even just a weekend to meet your significant other’s friends and explore their college world is really important.  By doing this, it allows you to really experience the life they have been telling you about.  It also gives you both much-needed alone time that is essential in any relationship.

3.) Put pictures up around your room.

Trick your brain into thinking you see your significant other on a daily basis, even if it is just a photograph.  It allows them to be with you in spirit and can be a quick reminder of the fun times and experiences you two have had together.

4.) Don’t obsess.

This is hands down, in my opinion, the most important thing to do in order to survive long distance.  Keep in mind that this is all brand new for your significant other too, and they are out making a new, exciting life for themselves.  Don’t freak out if they take a long time to respond or don’t message you a lot when they are going out with their new friends.  There is a reason you trust this person enough to try long distance, so why would they suddenly become a totally different person once you aren’t there?  They wouldn’t.  Let them live their life and you do you.  Just remember to be there for them when they need it most.




There you have it Chambana, the tips and tricks to keep your long distance relationship alive.  Have a great winter break after finals and if you will be meeting up with your long distance significant other, spend lots of time together.  And if you and your significant other have to be long distance for break too, don’t sweat it.  It’s only 5 weeks until you see them again.


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