10 Timeless Christmas Movies

By Vanessa Herrera

‘Tis the season of days full of joy and tradition.  But it’s also the season of cold and snow if you luckily (or unluckily, depending on your perspective) reside where a White Christmas actually happens (sorry Florida).  And if you’re like me, you’d rather stay in and watch a movie than prance around in the snow all day.  I do admit that I’m a movie addict, always jumping on the opportunity to watch anything presented to me.  Since I’ve watched countless Christmas movies throughout the years, and I decided to compile a list of 10 that you must see.  So grab a bowl of popcorn and a blanket, and let’s get started!

1) Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966 version)


I’m not ashamed to say that I still love to watch animations even in my twenties.  Although this movie is more of a T.V. short, I prefer this version to the others.  It takes you back to the old good days when Dr. Seuss was the only poet you knew, leading you to make your own poems with cats and hats, along with bats.  So if you feel like you’re losing your holiday spirit, put on this movie and regain that spirit once more.

2) Home Alone


Did you ever wish your parents left you alone at home when you were a kid?  Maybe you got lucky and your parents actually did leave you home alone, allowing you to create your own adventures.  I’ll tell you one thing, my adventures were never as exciting as Kevin’s, the main character of this story.  Join Kevin in his journey of learning to live alone and fend off crooks for a few days.  But one thing is for sure, family can never be replaced.

3) A Charlie Brown Christmas


Charlie Brown is a fellow many can relate to as well have a good laugh with.  Enjoy an all-time classic following a depressed Charlie Brown who finds the true meaning of Christmas along with Snoopy and his friends.  And just like every year, I’ll have my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree lighting up my dorm room.

4) I’ll be Home for Christmas


Jake is a college student who plans on traveling with his friends rather than spending time with family on Christmas.  Bribed by his father, Jake sets out on an adventure to get home in one piece after some mishaps arise.  As I child, I always wondered if one day I could relate to Jake’s situation.  Time has proved that I do relate to Jake, having realized the importance of family just as he did.

5) The Nightmare Before Christmas


People seem to forget that Thanksgiving exists as well. One of Tim Burton’s greatest works, this film combines the spirit of both Halloween and Christmas, following a crazy adventure of scary creatures trying to take over Christmas.  A love story filled with horror, cheer and much more, you’ll adopt this movie as a classic to be watched twice a year, for both of these holidays.

6) The Muppet Christmas Carol


Sometimes we forget to be grateful for what we have, and may not always realize that others aren’t as privileged.  One of my favorite Charles Dickens’ holiday adaptions, we follow Scrooge as he’s visited by the three spirits of Christmas: Past, Present and Future.  The Muppets make this story much livelier and less dark, but the message remains clear, delivered with the same intensity as the original.

7) Arthur’s Perfect Christmas


After-school afternoons were filled of laughter and learning with Arthur and his friends.  If you were a loyal watcher of the cartoon as a kid, then you know very well the holiday special that would play only once a year. Even to this day I can sing along to Buster’s Day as well as tell you the whole storyline of the film (though of course, if I spoil it for you then you won’t have any need to watch).  Not only does the movie highlight Christmas, it also features the importance of other holidays celebrated during this season.

8) Edward Scissorhands


Johnny Depp is a man of many talents, from playing guitar to acting in numerous roles.  He made it possible for people to fall in love with a man whose hands were only scissors.  Edward Scissorhands is not your typical Christmas movie, but if you’re looking for something different then this is the perfect film for you.  You’ll fall in love with this man who gets accepted by a community regardless of his appearance, as well as the girl who stole his heart.

9) The Polar Express


When this movie premiered, I was a bit hesitant; it took years for me to finally give the movie a chance.  My only regret is not watching it sooner.  This film takes you back to the innocent years when your nights were spent waiting for the man in red and a bag full of presents.  Watch a young boy regain his belief in Santa Claus as he embarks on a wintry and festive holiday adventure.  

10) Elf


If you were to ask me for my favorite movie, I would automatically tell you Elf.  This single movie combines the many things I love: comedy, Christmas, cheer, romance, Will Ferrell, Christmas carols and much more.  Not only will you be laughing throughout the movie, but you will also be reminded that life shouldn’t be spent every single moment working, but rather with your family and celebrating.  Plus, this movie really made me want to get a pink elf costume.


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