Welcome to the November Issue

November 2015


Welcome to The Spread’s November 2015 Issue! We have a plethora of amazing stories this month, ranging from mouthwatering Thanksgiving recipes to the head-turning street style fall fashion of our beloved campus runway. We hope our articles inspire every one of our readers and spark their passion for all things culture, entertainment, fashion and romance.

In this issue, be sure to read up on our professor spotlight with UIUC’s very own Jennifer Follis! Stop by our Q/A session and see what UIUC students are thankful about this year. Read up on the adventures you can have at Champaign’s Curtis Orchard and make sure to go pick out some apples of your own! As the leaves change colors and the autumnal ambience truly starts to set in, we also focus on the impending Thanksgiving holiday season, and everything that comes with it–from awkward family dinners to the hectic madness of Black Friday season. Not to fret; The Spread writers have got you covered.

We want you to know that despite the heat of college life, we all need some time to take a breath and be thankful of the little blessings surrounding us. Whether it’s through music, a nice date night with your significant other or even just a little retail therapy, we all deserve to kick back and admire the simple pleasures our campus has to other.

Happy reading!


With love,

Hana Hong, EIC



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