WHAT TO WEAR: Thanksgiving Feast Outfit Ideas

By Madison Gillespie


You already know that Thanksgiving is the holiday centered on gratefulness.  On this day of celebration, there is plenty to be thankful for: family, friends, pets, your significant other and all of Grandma’s secret family recipes that make an appearance just once a year.  What you may not know, however, is how to dress for this special day without those recipes threatening to pop the buttons off your jeans.  Thanksgiving proves to be a challenging holiday for the fashionably-minded. Finding something to wear that is both practical for the chill of November and comfortable enough to eat as many plates of food as you like is not always easy.  Fortunately, this article is here to help.  Here are three cute outfit ideas for your Thanksgiving feast so you can eat three helpings of stuffing without feeling stuffed.


Look One:


This outfit is designed for the girl that wants something a little bit dressier for her Thanksgiving feast.  An oversized cable-knit sweater is a beautiful addition to any wintery ensemble, but is especially great for Thanksgiving because its loose structure won’t constrict your stomach after having a few servings of turkey and gravy.  Olive green jackets have been trending this season, and they add warmth and style to the look.  Blue jeans go well with everything, and are no exception to this outfit.  I would personally recommend wearing jeans that you’ve owned for a long time, because they will be broken in and less likely to feel tight around your waist once you’ve eaten.  Pairing tall socks with your leather boots will make you look adorable.  In terms of accessories, a cute knit hat and a statement necklace will solidify this cozy and elegant look.  All that’s left to do now is to grab a plate and enjoy the feast.


Look Two:


Nothing screams comfort more than a nice spirit top.  No matter how many servings of food you eat, your full stomach will never have to fight against the fabric of this baggy shirt.  Pairing one with lined leggings adds contrast to the oversized look of the top.  Leggings are a stretchier alternative to jeans or pants, so you won’t feel as guilty when it’s time for dessert.  Tall rain boots are practical for trekking through potential November snow and slush, and when combined with cable-knit boot cuffs your outfit instantly becomes more charming.  Accessory-wise, a huge knitted infinity scarf will keep you warm, as it adds some texture to the look.  Altogether, this is a more casual outfit that will maximize your comfort levels this Thanksgiving.


Look Three:


This final ensemble is the perfect way to showcase your school spirit this Thanksgiving.  More than likely, Thanksgiving break is one of the few times you have seen your entire family since returning to school, so why not show off your school colors during your visit?  An orange and navy flannel underneath a navy down vest bearing the U of I logo is a winning combination of both school pride and warmth.  Adding a huge blanket scarf will only make you cozier.  I personally feel that blue jeans go best with flannels, but leggings work as well. Whichever you choose is a matter of personal preference.  Combat boots give the outfit some edge, and pairing them with knitted socks automatically ups the charm factor.  Finishing off the look with a knit beanie in burnt orange will complement your orange and blue gear nicely.  Go Illini!


Any of these looks would be perfect to wear to your Thanksgiving feast.  Feel free to mix and match parts of each outfit to create one that is perfect for you.  Remember though, no matter how cute your outfit ultimately is, Thanksgiving is first and foremost about being grateful.  So focus on the turkey, the pumpkin pie and the quality time spent with your loved ones.  Memories, unlike clothing, cannot be changed.



*Image Sources:

Featured Image taken from a YouTube video by Bethany Mota

All looks created with Polyvore by Madison Gillespie

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