UIUC Student Fashion: Fall to Winter

By Madison Gillespie




November has officially begun.  Hard to believe, isn’t it?  The fall semester is not the only thing halfway over.   As the crisp October air is subbed out for frosty November breezes and below-average temperatures, the shelf life of over half an Illinois student’s wardrobe expires.  Those sundresses, lacy crop tops and fringed kimonos are no longer viable outfit choices. It’s a sad but inevitable reality.  Thus, the period from mid-October to early November requires some adjustments.  Fortunately, Chambana’s weather has been on the warmer side the past few weeks, making it easier for students to alter their wardrobes.  Here are some examples of UIUC students that are making the transition into the wonderland of pre-winter fashion.



This first look utilizes a classic late fall/early winter color palette of purples and greens.  Olive and maroon are traditionally worn together this time of year, and they certainly work well in this outfit.  The olive jacket with its brass buttons and zippers gives off a militaristic feel, while the knitted purple scarf keeps the look balanced with charm.  Wearing dark jeans was a clever stylistic choice on this student’s part.  It allows for the colors in her outfit to pop even more in the warm sunlight.  The brown leather boots complement her well and fit with the color scheme.  The Fair Isle knit gloves are a delightful finishing touch, adding just a bit more warmth (and cuteness) to the ensemble. 



These two students have made use of another timeless clothing trend– jean jackets and shirts.  Denim is a perfect material for this transitionary fashion period as it is both warm and simple enough to be paired with anything.  That being said, wearing denim-on-denim would normally be overwhelming, but these girls were smart.  Pairing black jeans with the lighter-colored jackets and shirts prevents their looks from becoming one-toned.  Moreover, their Hunter rain boots add an element of surprise.  The pastels pop against the dark jeans, making these outfits more vibrant! 



Black can be effectively worn in any season, and this student wears it well.  Her sweater is simple, yet it’s something that she will easily be able to incorporate into future wintery outfits.  Her look is also interesting texture-wise.  The knit sweater, suede-like pants, leather boots and lightweight cloth scarf are a bold mix of materials, but this variety makes the outfit intriguing.  Considering the unpredictability of between-season weather, sometimes experimenting with different clothes is the best way to find a look that will keep you most comfortable.  For this student, it has certainly paid off.  Also, props to her for her choice of nail color! The bright blue is a great accent to her dark sweater and pants.



In this transitional weather period, not every day will be chilly.  Just recently the campus was blessed with an afternoon in the eighties!  When higher temperatures do come around, they are often inconsistent throughout the day so students must dress accordingly.  This particular student appears to have found such a balance in her outfit.  Her combination of shorts and tights are great for a warmer day, but her cardigan, combat boots and thick infinity scarf will keep her from getting cold later on.



Colder temperatures will eventually settle in, so what better way to prepare than an adorable patterned coat?  This student’s plaid pea coat will certainly keep her warm, but it also wins major points in the charm department.  Her white scarf is equally darling, and it is a great accent piece against the dark green and navy coat.  The white leather Doc Martens complement her scarf perfectly, and the shoes’ special bouncing soles make them perfect for campus travel.  This student will definitely be fashionable and comfortable throughout the season.



When one thinks of wintery outfits, dresses are probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  While they aren’t exactly a down coat or a thick pair of pants, a knit dress can be similarly warm when worn correctly.  This is a great example of how to properly wear such a dress.  This student has paired hers with a huge woolen scarf and lined leggings, which are accessories that will keep her nice and toasty.  Her leather boots and the use of only neutral colors give this look a modern twist as well. 



Here is a dressier outfit with a more luxurious vibe.  The white cable-knit sweater looks perfect with the black leather jacket and boots, and the statement necklace adds sparkle.  Classic and polished, this ensemble could easily be worn out to dinner or an evening party once classes finish for the day.  Regardless of how this student chose to wear it, she is bound to get plenty of compliments wherever she goes.



This last outfit is a perfect blend of comfy and casual.  Nothing beats a nice, stretchy pair of leggings tucked into fleece-lined UGGs.  This student incorporates some of the rich colors of the season into her ensemble, such as the burnt orange of her sweatshirt.  Her teal fringe scarf adds volume to the look as a whole.  This is an excellent pre-winter outfit for any UIUC student to incorporate into their week.  Dressed like this, the remaining half of fall semester classes should pass a bit more smoothly.  


Winter’s frosty presence continues to grow day by day.  It is only a matter of time before the campus shifts entirely to winterwear and even the squirrels wish they had scarves and gloves of their own.  Until then, enjoy what remains of this in-between weather before it’s buried under a heap of snow.  



*Image Sources:

All photos taken by Madison Gillespie

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