Fashion and Beauty Trends for November

By Kelli Walker

Along with cool and windy nights, the fall season also brings in new fashion and beauty trends.  Now, of course some classic trends will never leave, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own twist on the style.  This fall, The Spread is here to prepare you with some essentials and tips for the season, as well as dare you to try something new!

Leather Jackets

According to Youtube beauty gurus Jaclyn Hill and Glamtwinz334, it’s safe to say that leather jackets will always be a fall essential.  However, it doesn’t mean that you have to go safe and purchase a jacket in brown or black.  This season, why not be a little different from everyone else and rock a different color?   Be as mysterious in cool grey, seductive in tan/beige or even be sassy and spicy in sizzling red.  The color possibilities are endless, so be different and rock your leather jacket with confidence.


Scarves are another fall staple, but just like leather jackets you tend to see people wearing solid, safe colors.  Why not play with shapes or prints?   You could even try metallics or scarves with a little bling to brighten up your day.  A great suggestion when trying different multi­colored scarves with an outfit is to try including some of that color in your eyeshadow, makeup, accessories or nail color.  Wearing multicolored clothing will not only give you a confidence boost but also allow you to play around with other fashion options.

Moisturizing and SPF

We all know that despite fall’s beauty, it can be a little harsh when it comes to our skin, especially going into winter.  Therefore, a great way to prevent dry skin is to invest in some moisturizing products that also contain SPF to keep your skin as well as your hair and lips hydrated.  Now of course no one wants to wear boring clear Chapstick, so try a product that offers you the benefit of a lip balm but still lets you be bold and daring with color.  Maybelline Baby Lips, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter, Covergirl Smoochies Lip Balm are but a few available options to choose from.

Warmer Blush Tones

Youtube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill gives insight as to the ideal blush tone for this time of year.  During the fall and winter months, this is a warmer blush tone.  Our glowing skin tends to lose its shine and warmth throughout this season. One great way to maintain this amazing glow is to apply a blush with enough tint to make your cheeks appear warmer, but not too deep so that it looks like a bronzer or contour instead.   The goal here is to appear as if you have a natural glow.  You can purchase the perfect blush for you from the nearest drugstore.


*Image Sources:

All photos taken from Pinterest

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