5 Mouthwatering Thanksgiving Recipes That Will Surprise Your Family

By Kelli Walker


As you may know, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.  Instead of going home to indulge endlessly in your family’s meals, why not surprise them with a dish of your own!  As college students, money and time can get pretty tight.  However, The Spread has Thanksgiving recipes that fit your budget, aren’t time-consuming and will definitely surprise your family.  Who knows, maybe you have the ingredients already in your dorm.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, most of the meals are family tradition, so why not take those traditional meals and have a little fun with them?



This Chipotle Coca-Cola Potatoes recipe gives a new twist to sweet potatoes and will take your family by surprise.  The burst of flavor from the Coca-Cola will definitely be unexpected, but crazy delicious.  One taste and your family will want you to make it every year!  Only six ingredients and 40 minutes of your time are needed.  Besides, you don’t even have to peel the potatoes.



This next recipe is called “Cheesy” Creamed Corn, which is surprising considering there’s actually no cheese involved.  This creamy thick corn is mouthwatering, truly unforgettable and is definitely a great quick dish that can knock your family out of their chairs.  Although this recipe requires seven ingredients, it takes less than 30 minutes to make.



Tired of the same boring, buttered mashed potatoes?  Then turn this dish into something crunchy and delectable!  These Bacon and Cheddar Mashed Potatoes are a classic hit and the 30 minute cook time makes it an excellent dish for little effort.  It is especially great for last-minute people.  It can serve and satisfy everyone around the table, and can even make you the hero of the day, besides the turkey of course.



Who said food and dessert couldn’t be in the same dish?  Prove the doubters wrong with this fancy Maple Sweet Potato Cup.  Combined with the health benefits of sweet potatoes, this dish is sweetened with maple syrup and brown sugar and topped off with some roasted marshmallows.  With the same amount of ingredients as the last recipe and 40 minutes of preparation and cook time, your family might think you spent all day making this ravishing dish.  But don’t worry, we won’t tell them your secret.



Of course the best is always saved for last, so why not end your Thanksgiving dinner with a delicious dessert?  Apple pies are very common and often leave behind a sticky mess.  This Apple Mini Pie is a great way to satisfy everyone’s taste buds without the cleanup.  Although it takes a good amount of time to make (an hour and a half), I promise you’ll be helping your family out by making their favorite dish mess-free without losing its spectacular taste.



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