Six Ways to Get a Date to Barn Dance

By Mea Donnelly




‘Tis the season for barn dances, the one time of the year when it is completely acceptable to break out your cowboy boots and walk around with wheat hanging out of your mouth. Whether you are participating in a barn dance thrown by a fraternity or sorority or are going to one that is club-sponsored, chances are you will need a date. Here are six ways to get a date to barn dance:

  1. Turn around while in line for dinner. The first person you make awkward, not just normal, eye contact with is your new date. Be sure to run up and hug him/her.
  1. Ask your TA.  Sure, they might have you fill out those yellow sexual harassment forms, but you’ve always wanted to do that anyways… right?
  1. Put on a huge protest in the quad. Be sure to have signs telling people that you need a date for barn dance, otherwise you’ll end up on the campus Snapchat with a very weird caption.
  1. Next time you are in a stall, pass under some toilet paper to the person next to you with a cute note about the barn dance on it. They will feel so flattered that they will have to say yes.
  2. Run up and down Green Street five minutes before you have to show up, grab a stranger’s arm and pull them all the way to your barn dance. That is definitely not weird at all.
  1. Ask a squirrel. They’ve never been to a barn dance and chances are they want to change that.




On a serious note, this isn’t high school. The great thing about college is that you can literally just text a friend and they would most likely be so down to go. Barn dance season is about having fun and making memories with your organizations, not who you go with. If you really want your date to be special, try asking your crush from your Chemistry lab or striking up a conversation with that cutie on the quad.  You may have to wait a conversation before the topic of barn dance can be brought up, but nine times out of ten, whoever you ask will be so flattered that they will definitely want to go with you. So Chambana, when it comes to barn dances, just follow your heart.




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