Hidden Restaurant Gems in Urbana-Champaign

By Tristin Marshall




What do we love as college students? Pizza? Cheap tacos? Basically all fast food? Absolutely! However, University of Illinois students have a special advantage when it comes to small town deliciousness being in the vibrant Champaign-Urbana area. The restaurants in the C-U area expanded even further than what we see on Green Street and what is featured on our EatStreet app. Throughout the city, there are dozens of hidden gems just waiting to be filled with hungry college students.



1. Farren’s Pub and Eatery

Dubbed as one of the 15 best college burger joints, Farren’s will have your taste buds singing over your conversation with your dinner date. They print the menu off every day to accommodate the delicious daily specials – including juicy bison burgers and fresh friend catfish — that will keep diners wanting more. And don’t let the simple décor fool you – the food is killer and will for sure be a knockout.



2. Black Dog Smoke & Ale House

Forget those strict rules that we can’t barbecue on our balconies apartment dwellers — enjoy some of the best barbecue in town at Black Dog Smoke & Ale House. With a custom made in-house smoker, the barbecue is simply something that cannot be duplicated. They recently opened a second location so don’t fret about the one hour wait rumors (which are totally true!)

Ribs, anyone?



3. Wedge

Campustown has plenty of delicious Mexican joints, but Wedge is a place for the sophisticated crowd that’s looking to impress. With a menu filled with fancy cocktails and upscale Mexican dishes, come enjoy drinks and fancy Mexican food with a co-worker, date, or new friend.



4. South China

There’s quick Chinese takeout places all over campus, but there’s nothing like South China. Located right on the edge of Campustown, South China has the ability to make even the most basic Chinese food dishes some of the best in the business and not to mention exemplary customer service. You’ll never taste a shrimp fried rice or a wonton soup like South China’s, I promise.



5. Marble slab

So this isn’t exactly like the savory dishes mentioned above, but it is amazing. Located in C-U’s friendly neighbor Savoy, Marble Slab is everything you can imagine out of ice cream and more. With flavors like cheesecake and cool mint, and fall flavors including pumpkin cheesecake and cinnamon vanilla, there is always something new to try at this dairy dream. Each dish comes with unlimited toppings (you read right, unlimited toppings) and they have waffle bowls galore. You’re welcome.



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