Everything you need to know about the JAMMIES

By Ada Li


It’s that time of the year again. The sun is out and the temperature is rising, but most importantly, J.A.M.S.’ 4th Annual JAMMIES Award Show is coming up. The JAMMIES is an awards show for the College of Media students to showcase their skills within their field of interest. College of Media students can submit any of their unpaid work completed this academic year to any of these categories: News-Editorial Journalism, Print Journalism, Media and Cinema Studies, Advertising, Public Relations and Agricultural Communications. All submissions are judged by the College of Media faculty and alumni. The winners of each category will take home their own trophy and a $10 Chipotle gift card.

SeeYou Weekly will once again host this year’s JAMMIES. Last year, the JAMMIES started off the award show with a red carpet event, giving the participants an opportunity to feel like a celebrity and get their picture taken. There were also special performances from the UIUC TASC Special Ops and UIUC Feature Twirler, Amelia Mugavero. This year there will be singing and comedy for the audience to look forward to at the JAMMIES. The Girls Next Door A Cappella and the Phoenix Improv Company will be using their voices to provide the audience with music and laughter. On top of that, J.A.MS is collaborating with the campus chapters of The Society of Professional Journalists, The National Association Black Journalists, and Her Campus Illinois for this event.

Let’s not forget the freebies that will be given away at the show. The awards show is sponsored by EatStreet, with drinks provided by Redbull, Rockstar and Vitacoco.

Come join the fun. The JAMMIES is tonight from 7:00pm at Greg Hall Room 112. See you there!

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