The Halfway Point: Conquering the Second Half of the Spring Semester

By Joseph E. Davis

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The battle between the “cup half full/cup half empty” logic during the halfway point in the semester is a predicament that all students face as spring break approaches, and over the course of a student’s college career, they will find that they will eventually experience both views.

The halfway point of the spring semester is here, accompanied by all of the usual pros and cons that comes with it. Nevertheless, that feeling of being done or at least approaching the end seems to gets to us all every year, especially during the spring semester. There is the change in temperatures that usually arrives the week before spring break—but rarely last into the actual break—that says summer is near. Sunny days are a beautiful thing, but they can be dangerous during the school year. All those that are capable of studying outdoors while enjoying the sun should be saluted because that is something that most have yet to master.

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During the spring semester, long sunny days because of daylight savings time and midterms often go hand-in-hand, and that can be really inconvenient for those who live by the motto “it’s still early so I’ll just do it later” (the foundation of all procrastination during the spring semester). Then, we get stuck in the situation where the sun finally goes down at nearly 8 p.m., and we have an 8 a.m. class the next morning where we have a project and a paper that we haven’t started yet due.

It happens to all of us.

When midterms are over and you have that one week of spring break to dedicate to whatever you chose, it can give us all some sort of summer nostalgia regardless of the temperatures. During spring break, students can do a variety of activities, such as vacation on the beach, catching up and even getting ahead on homework, going on volunteer trips in other states and countries, or just simply laying on the couch all week and catching up on sleep.

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Regardless of how you spend your break, returning to school that first week after break will likely catch you by surprise. Shout out to all the professors that did not assign work that will be due on the first week back, you are appreciated!

Whether the cup is half empty or half full for you after spring break, you get to use the rest of it on these final two months of the semester, so enjoy the halfway point and all the ambiguity that comes with it.

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