Let’s Go Dancing: A Breakdown of March Madness

By Molly Cline

ncaa-logoPhoto courtesy of techgraphs.com

March is one of the most nerve-racking months for college basketball fans. More specifically, the first weekend of March is the most important for teams on the bubble of making it into the tournament. Conference tournaments are critical for teams that need help to get a bid to the NCAA tournament.

After conference tournaments comes Selection Sunday. Right after the announcements of what teams are in the tournament, fans immediately flock to their computers to make their brackets for the games. Some fans even go so far as to doing research about regular season schedule, rankings, and other opponents. Whether you are entering for fun or for money, all basketball fans find fun in making brackets.

3262Photo courtesy of sportingbreakdown.com

During the first two days of the tournament, there are games on literally all day long, making it the best part of the season for college basketball fans. Just knowing that there is going to be a game on no matter what time during that day is pure bliss for a college basketball fan.

momPhoto courtesy of sbnations.com

Each year during the tournament, there is a couple crazy upsets that happen. Last year, there was the #12 Mercer University upset over #5 Duke University. The year before, Florida Gulf coast pulled an upset over then-#2 seed Georgetown.

Now, it’s time to start thinking about what predictions to make for this year’s NCAA tournament. The games begin March 17th!

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