Editor’s Note: Last Stop ’till Spring

funny-gifs-spring-breakGif courtesy of www.whatgifs.com

With only one week left until the official arrival of spring, we all need to stop and think about how fast time has flown by already. Although it seems like winter is painfully long, it is amazing how the holidays, months, and seasons fly by so quickly. We dread the winter because it is so long, but we do not enjoy almost a third of the year nearly as much because of the gloomy weather.

Now that spring is here, I challenge everyone to just enjoy it. We are now officially in the second half of our race to the semester-ending finish line–which includes plenty of papers, projects, resumes, and job applications–but that does not mean that we cannot enjoy the time that we have now. Watching the budding and blooming flowers and the trees give the Quad life again will be the best experience ever. Being able to sit in the grass and leisurely stroll around campus with your friends will give force us to enjoy this beautiful weather. And ultimately, the crisp spring weather paired with the scent of the damp spring air will be sure to turn even our worst days into something that is a little bit better, simply because the air is warm and the sun is shining. There is just something about the spring that makes life a little sweeter.

For this issue of The Spread, not only do we celebrate our transition into spring time, but also about our journey to the end of the semester, a story that proves that not every online dating scenario is not like an episode of Catfish, our addiction to Snap chat, and how to maximize the professional you during spring break. I am so proud of my writers (as always), and I hope that you all enjoy the issue! Happy reading and have an even happier spring!

With love,

Tristin Marshall

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