Valentine’s Day Playlist: Love Throughout the Years

By Vanessa Herrera

Love is in the air. Regardless of if you have a special someone or are riding through life solo, the infectious air always finds a way into your system leading to warm fuzzies growing in your tummy. The music world has granted us with numerous songs lacing together romantic poetic lyrics that can melt any cold heart. From this vast library of songs, I humbly picked out 20 that will make you want to grab your lover’s hand or slow dance with a stranger out in the chilly streets on this day of love. Come and join me, let’s fall in love together as we travel through time.

1) The Four Tops – I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

Our journey beings with a song dating back to the 1960s. Even now, this day this song can be heard on the radio, making anyone start singing along no matter where they find themselves. Its catchy tune and endearing lyrics will make you adore this song and find yourself calling people your “sugar pie, honey bunch”. I know I have.

2) Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain’t no Mountain High Enough

I’m sure you’ve heard this song before, because who hasn’t sung “…ain’t no mountain high enough”? It doesn’t even matter if those are the only lyrics to the song you know. From short distance to long distance relationships, this song is perfect to declare that nothing can stop your love.  If you’re like me, your love for food counts too.

3) Bryan Adams – Heaven

Oh yes, we’ve entered one of my favorite time periods: the 80s. Just hearing this man’s voice has me falling in love and singing along with people at my favorite bar. Love is bittersweet, but most of the times it takes us to heaven.

4) Boyz II Men – I’ll make Love to You

Jumping from the 80s to the year 1994, I present to you a group of men whose voices will make any night steamy. This song screams out true passion, something that love songs nowadays are missing.

5)  K-Ci & JoJo – All my Life

This song is so sweet that you’ll get cavities just from hearing it. It’s perfect for expressing how much love you feel for your soulmate because not just anyone can make you feel this indescribable feeling like they do.

6) Lifehouse – You and Me

Entering the early 2000s, we have a timeless band singing about a world with an abundant number of people yet only two people matter, “…you and me.” The music video itself is heartwarming, watching a man chase the love of his dreams before she leaves.

7) Jonas Brothers – Love Bug

Before One Direction took over the world, there was another famous boy band: the Jonas Brothers. You won’t find Nick Jonas singing about being jealous, but rather falling in love once again. It’s one of the sweetest melodies as well lyrics you’ll find. The brothers give the song a timeless tune, traveling back in time with a touch of modernism.

8) Lady Antebellum – I Run to You

For all the country music lovers, like myself, this song will have you “running” to your significant other. The lyrics speak so much truth.  Being in a world that moves faster than ourselves, we need that one focal point that will slow the world down for us.

9) Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

An all-time favorite for many, Jason Mraz takes us on a tropical journey through love. I’ve lost count over the number of times I’ve sung this with people. Sing it to your lover or friends and enjoy the ride.

10) The Icarus Account – Favorite Girl

I’m clueless over why this song doesn’t have over a million views.  These two gentlemen will make you want to take a walk through the streets as you link arms with that special one. The guitar’s chords will reach your soul and make you want to propose to the next person that passes by (okay, maybe not to that extreme).

11) Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are

Bruno Mars has brought us a song where he shows us that love is more than just physical beauty, but inner beauty as well. There’s no need for women to cake their face with make-up but let their natural beauty radiant to the world.

12) JR Aquino – By Chance (You & I)      

This is one of my favorite songs of all-time. I love to call this “the cucumber song,” and you’ll understand why once you press play to the video above. You’ll find me singing this charming song throughout the year, so give this artist a chance and let the sighing begin. To the people who have been wanting to ask that special person out, just go up to them and say let’s “…go grab some lunch and eat some cucumbers.”

13) Plain White T’s – Rhythm of Love

This song is a breath of fresh spring weather. It’ll make you feel light and feel the love touching your cheeks.

14) David Choi & Kina Grannis – The Way You Are

These two YouTubers intertwine their voices to create a sweet heartwarming song. With a ukulele and guitar, you’d be amazed what beautiful melodies can be created.

15) Michael Bublé – Close Your Eyes

Michael Bublé is an artist that can make a night romantic with a simple melody. This song celebrates all the things the lover has done and thanking them throughout. Don’t forget to let your loved one know how grateful you are of them.

16) John Legend – All of Me

We couldn’t leave John Legend’s recent song out of the list. Legend reminds us what true love was, embracing everything including “perfect imperfections”. If you want to make someone fall more in love, play it on the piano and sing your heart out just as Legend did to his wife.

17) Wrabel – Ten Feet Tall

You might recognize this song from Afrojack, the EDM version. The song, however, sounds amazing with just the piano and Wrabel’s voice. So if the love you’re feeling right now is making you feel like you’re on top of the world, this song is for you.

18) Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do

Goulding’s newest song will be featured in Fifty Shades of Grey, making your love be filled with passion for this Valentine’s Day. Let your imagination run wild and love just like the song tells you to do.

19) Jason Derulo – Ridin’ Solo

With couples being lovely-dovey, singles feel bombarded by all the love and wondering why they can’t have that special someone. Being single is not at all bad—just let Jason Derulo show you the reason why you should be celebrating that you’re riding solo.

20) Enrique Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra – Cuando Me Enamoro

You might know Enrique Iglesias’s from his numerous steamy English songs, however, this Spanish song will make you feel the innocence of love again. Even if you don’t know what they are singing about, just let the song take over.


It’s up to you whether or not you wish to jam your night away with some of these songs. Whether you have a special someone or are riding solo, remember to spread the love regardless of who it is. Let’s celebrate love by dancing along with me with Olly Murs.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Olly Murs – Dance with Me Tonight



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