Six ways to not make this year’s Valentine’s Day Cliché

By Mary Renee Presley

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become a really big cliché–you buy her flowers and chocolates then take her out for a movie and dinner.  I think its about time couples reinvent Valentines Day. Make it your own tradition, and do things that you know will compliment your relationship, rather than making it identical to everyone else’s relationships. Below are a few ways to make your love stand out from the clichés of Valentine’s Day:

1. Celebrate love 365 days in 365 ways

love letterPhoto courtesy of

Love should be exchanged and celebrated everyday. Try to make everyday filled with an act of love.

2. Steer away from the boxes of chocolates and flowers

dovePhoto courtesy of

Every girl will be expecting these items on Valentine’s Day. So instead give her, her favorite dinner rolls or favorite ice cream.

3. Send her love letters enclosed in a glass bottle (okay, let’s make it a maybe to the glass bottle)

love youPhoto courtesy of

Love letters are very traditional and cost $0 dollars. Make her a little booklet of a storyline of your love.

4. Give her an idea of what you’re future together could be like rather than the present

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Show her in a creative way how when love prospers, it grows into something beautiful and ever lasting in the future.

5. Make something old that she cherishes into something new and familiar

quiltPhoto courtesy of

Take her favorite torn and smelly childhood blanket and get dry cleaned and stitched up with new patches.

6. Reenact her favorite love movie starring “her” and give her that “Cinderella” moment

lovelovePhoto courtesy of

Most girls were raised on Disney Channel, which means she has been dreaming about her Prince Charming. Make her feel like she’s the girl in the love movie that you could fall in love with everyday.


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