Together or Not Together—The Ever Haunting Valentine’s Day Question

By Christen McGlynn

Valentine’s Day can be one to remember, or often one to forget depending on a variety of factors: a significant other or lack there of, friends who have plans, or the ever daunting question, “So, what are we?” A day of hearts, candy, and endless love—or awkward glances, a confusing text, and some alone time with Netflix are two extremes of the holiday, depending on if Cupid’s arrow lands in your favor during the season of love.  In today’s technologically advanced society, it appears we are able to replace real relationships with our DVR, and awkward first dates with Tinder.  No one ever wants to be the first person to admit they have feelings because that would mean acting as a traitor to our I’m-not-really-that-into-you-but-kind of-but-I-don’t-know-what-“together”-means society.

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Although Netflix is practically a gift from the heavens, it lacks the ability to buy chocolates or offer a hand a hold (seriously, why hasn’t a Netflix Man been invented yet?) Until then, Valentine’s Day acts as an awkward reminder that the “together” relationship is still a confusing one. It makes one question whether or not they should be planning a special Valentine’s Day with their significant other, or headed to KAM’S to soak away their sorrows.  Whether or not you may be ready for it, this holiday could help turn that questionable relationship into a solid one.

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Personally, I was always unwilling to admit I truly cared about someone out of fear it wouldn’t last, or something would go wrong. Being single seemed to be a part of me, and I didn’t want to let go of the “fun college years.” However, after four years at the U of I, my friends and I have come to the conclusion that there actually is a way to tell whether or not someone is ready to move past the “together” stage.

Here are a few easy signs to determine if your person is Valentine material or not:

1. Texting you only after the bar closes

If they are ignoring your calls during the day, and magically finding your number at night—you will never be more than just a simple hookup.

2. Never introducing you to friends

If someone doesn’t want you to ever meet their friends, or ever hang out sober—it’s time to run.

3. Taking you out on a date

This is a positive attribute; it usually means they are willing to make more of a commitment to you. This could possibly be your Valentine.

4. Remembering details of a conversation

It may seem small, but if someone cares about you, they tend to remember what you say because they choose to remember. This one is definitely a Valentine possibility.

Even if your significant other does not fall directly within any of these four elements and you are curious about what “together” means, simply ask. It is better to find out now and have the possibility of a lovely Valentine’s Day, rather than spending it questioning what could have been.

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