Ten movies to blow off steam at the end of the semester

By Vanessa Herrera

It’s finally over! No more scrambling to remember those last facts before exams, or stressing to salvage your grade with make-up assignments and final papers. All those sleepless nights and hard work has finally come to an end, and you may find yourself wiped out with no energy to do anything–but lay around all day and watch movies, of course. Nothing is better than a good silly movie to laugh your booty off and forget the nightmare of a semester you just had. Here are ten of the greatest movies that will have you laughing until the start of a new semester. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

1) Bridesmaids (2011)


Photo Courtesy of strategylab.ca

Though the movie involves a wedding, it is far from being any ordinary chick flick. It takes you through a journey of non-stop laughter that will have tears flowing from your eyes. This comedy is a clash of the film Hangover and the reality show Bridezillas. Actresses Kristen Wigg and Maya Rudolph bring their talent from Saturday Night Live to the big screen, along with other hilarious comical actresses. The movie is made for all audiences, so don’t worry boys, I assure you that you will enjoy as well.

2) Airplane! (1980)


Photo Courtesy of fanart.tv

It’s a love story with wild comical scenes, or comical scenes that have a love story intertwined within them, or whatever else it may be, this movie had (and still has) people laughing. Though it contains some scenes that may appear racist, it is overshadowed by the laughter this movie will bring you. I’ve seen this movie numerous times, yet it always seems like the first time. From children stating they like their coffee black like their men, to an inflated balloon pilot who somehow flies the plane, it never gets old.

airplane 2

Photo Courtesy of www.freerepublic.com

3) Elf (2003)


Photo Courtesy of studentblogs.le.ac.uk

Christmas is right around the corner, so why not watch a good old holiday movie? Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this movie will have you cracking up. It’s so cute, reminding us to never forget the holiday spirit and hold on to our inner child.  And we have to admit, this movie has given us glorious quotes to use as memes.

elf meme

Photo Courtesy of www.pinterest.com

4) Clueless (1995)


Photo Courtesy of www.rottentomates.com

This timeless classic takes us back to the 90’s, the era of innocence. Clearly Cher, our leading protagonist, finds herself quite clueless about the realities of life. This movie will have you giggling and relating to Cher’s drama. I mean, who hasn’t accidently driven down the highway and had a near-death experience? Fun, right?

5) White Chicks (2004)


Photo courtesy of www.jackasscritics.com

Brothers Marlon and Shawn Wayans portray two FBI agents who disguise themselves as two “white chicks”, the Wilson sisters, in hopes of busting a drug sale. As you follow them through their adventure, you’ll find yourself singing along to Vanessa Carlton’s Thousand Miles or dying of laughter as a man tries to seduce one of the brothers. And who can forget when the brothers walk the catwalk?

wc gif

Gif Courtesy of www.tumblr.com

6) Pitch Perfect (2012)

pitch perfect

Photo Courtesy of www.rottentomatoes.com

The mix of a cappella singing (one of my guilty pleasures) and comedy makes this movie one of my favorites. Forget dance-offs! Sing-offs are now taking over, using their voices as weapons. They take popular songs, making it their own with the beats and sounds using just their mouths. And if you haven’t been bombarded with cups yet, you’ll find yourself picking up a cup and singing “The Cup” song, a favorite from the movie. From sing-offs, to getting hit with burritos, you be falling in love with this movie and awaiting the arrival of Pitch Perfect 2 along with me.


Gif Courtesy of www.thoughtcatalog.com

7) Shaun of the Dead (2004)

shaun 2

Photo courtesy of imdb.com

If you like zombies, this is movie is for you. Shaun wakes up one day after a night of drinking after a bitter break-up and he finds himself suddenly battling zombies. Personally I would be freaking out, but instead Shaun goes and finds his love, not even thinking about the zombies that are trying to eat him. I am not sure what Shaun was thinking but I’ll assure you it will be a wild adventure.


Gif Courtesy of www.subeimagenes.com

8) Pirates of the Caribbean Series


Photo Courtesy by www.pirates.disney.com

Johnny Depp has played in a countless number of movies through the decades, but one of my favorite characters that he’s ever played has to be Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate who always seems to be intoxicated. When you think a scene is going to be serious, out pops Captain Jack Sparrow, humoring the audience. So jump on board and watch this series, you won’t regret it!


Gif Courtesy of www.tumblr.com

9) Neighbors (2014)


Photo Courtesy of www.coltynseifert.com

As an on-campus college student, you may find yourself living near a fraternity at some point in your college career. But what if you’re a family in a nice quiet neighborhood, and suddenly it’s crumpled with the arrival of a rowdy fraternity? Seth Rogen and Zac Efron takes you on a roller coaster ride where you’ll find yourself laughing at scenes that are quite inappropriate, like the couple’s baby picking up a condom.


Photo Courtesy of www.youtube.com

It’s not just a comical movie, but it’s also a reminder to those in college that these years will not last forever and we must enjoy them before they slip away. But I’m not here trying to get you all emotional, I’m here to help you have a good laugh after a long semester.


Photo Courtesy of wwhan12.wordpress.com

10) Mean Girls (2004)

mean girls

Photo Courtesy of www.rottentomatoes.com

Last but not least, we have an all-time classic, Mean Girls. This movie is true gold and if you haven’t seen it, finishing reading this article and watch it now. I mean, October 3rd is practically a holiday and Wednesdays mean pink days to cliques across the country.

mean girls meme

Photo Courtesy of forevertwentysomething.com

mean girls

Gif Courtesy of whimsicallyours.com

Not only has it created national holidays, but also a number of glorious quotes (almost every line in the movie) as well.

dont have sex

Photo Courtesy of krystellemt.blogspot.com


Gif Courtesy of www.crushable.com

There are countless of comedies to watch other than the ones I have named. Whether you watch something from this list or not, what counts is that you have a good laugh. After a stressful month, nothing is better to the soul than to relax and enjoy a movie worry-free. So make some popcorn, find these movies on Netflix (or on the endless amount of movie channels on your parent’s cable), and start laughing.


Photo Courtesy of astortheatreblog.wordpress.com

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