And now, a word from our writers: How to cope with the stresses of finals week

It has arrived ladies and gentleman: the dreaded finals week, filled with late nights and an immense amount of stress. As we all weep over our textbooks and computers this week, we must remember that it will end.


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It seems as though it is an impossible feat–especially providing we have dedicated fifteen of the most intense weeks of our lives to the university that has sucked the soul out of us–but the most important thing to remember during this week is it will not last forever. To help give some light to such a dreary week, here are a few words from the wonderful writers of The Spread to keep you motivated on what feels like the end of the world:

Vanessa- Oh hey there, it’s final weeks and your probably at the verge of tears wondering why won’t the world just become a wonderful place full of chocolate and candy rather than taking exams. Listen to me clearly, take a deep breath (not just any breath but a DEEP one) and run until you’re out of breath. Now that your heart is pumping, take deep breaths and realize you can do this. It may seem like there will be no end to it but remember that the sacrifices you are doing now will shape the future you are meant to have. Eat, sleep, study, and achieve success.

Christen- Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying. I know it’s hard but the stress levels are definitely not worth it. If you’re having trouble writing the final paper take a 10 minute break, but anything more will just distract you and cause you to procrastinate.

Danielle- Study a little bit each day for every test but not to the point of exhaustion. The night before an exam look over your notes but not too heavily because if you don’t know the material already, you won’t know it at all. Cramming before an exam doesn’t do you any good. Get a good night of sleep and relax. One grade on one test is not going to impact your life as much as you think it will.

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Hana- I find that the stress of thinking about finals outweigh the horror of the test itself. Study with emotions set aside, be confident in your instinctive knowledge, and reward yourself often with incentives to boost your morale. A higher grade is not worth your sanity.

Joseph- Study early and often, and find ways to make studying convenient (notes on your phone, notecards, and apps such as Quizlet).

Tori- For the love of all that is holy, sleep. Sleep is everything. It makes you retain everything you’re studying, and it’s just good for you in general. You’d rather be a little less prepared and well rested than way too wired from no sleep because that will make you do worse on a final. SLEEP.

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Ada- Rule number one of studying for finals: You do not study with your friends. Rule number two: You do not study with your friends. Rule number three: Do not break the first two rules or you’ll waste precious time getting distracted and fail your finals.

Mary Renee- If you have to, do not be afraid to study without the pack. If you have friends who you know are distractions, then do not be afraid to study alone. Sleep deprivation is normal. Work hard, study hard, then reap the benefits when you get to finally lay your head on your pillow, knowing you do not have anything to worry about. Do not starve yourself. Set study breaks, where you feed yourself. Your body can not go without sleep and food, so feed yourself.

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