Oh no…It’s Almost the End!

By Vanessa Herrera

Ah yes, the holidays are almost here and the season can be felt in the air. Snowflakes are sticking to the ground, making a lovely white fluffy blanket. A nice cup of hot cocoa would be amazing as you sing along to season carols. Nothing can ruin this feeling.

you thought wrong

Photo Courtesy of memegenerator.net

You’re wrong. So wrong. You’ve never been so wrong your entire life. It may be the season of joy but it’s also the season of final exams and papers. It’s the season where you are trying to save your grades, boosting up that GPA. These weeks are spent trying to cram a semester’s worth of material.

trying to fix my grades

Gif Courtesy of ifunny.co

 Let’s not talk about group projects, where all the members are unable to meet and work until the last day. And what about all the readings you didn’t do for that one class, well there goes your sleep. That reminds you, no sleep. No sleep means looking like a zombie and possibly not showering for days (but please, make an effort to shower). Your only food source is the cereal bars you’ve been avoiding since the start of the semester.

smashed a hole

Gif Courtesy of stories.illinoisstate.edu

But before you go to a corner and start sobbing let me tell you something…YOU CAN DO IT! You’ve made it this far, how can you give up now? Yes, the road is going to be painful but this is nothing. Remember the fears of getting into college or the fact that you managed to get up before 8 a.m. before, scary right? You can do this, trust me. So what if you have over hundred pages to read or several papers to write, piece of cake. You, yes you, you are a warrior.

keep calm

Photo Courtesy of imgarcade.com

Don’t let this semester take over, show it who the boss is. It may seem like the end of world, where the end of the tunnel can’t be seen. Just remember, no matter what, there is always an end to the tunnel where the sun will be shining. Don’t give up, there’s always hope and where there is hope there are miracles. So you might not get that “A” but there’s nothing wrong with “B’s”. Remember students, C’s get degrees (but let’s at least shoot for a B)!

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