It’s Almost the End! Issue: Editor’s Note

Photo courtesy of It’s almost the end? It’s almost the end! I have been ready for a break for such a long time. My applications for graduate school almost drive me crazy, not to mention the heavy burden from schoolwork. The first day of Thanksgiving break, we say goodbye to the libraries which were full … More It’s Almost the End! Issue: Editor’s Note

#WCW: Lauren Mayberry of the Band CHVRCHES

By Tori Stukins At this point, everyone in college has probably heard the hit single by CHVRCHES (pronounced ‘churches’) “The Mother We Share.”  I’m guilty of spamming several of my specialty radio show playlists with the wonderful Scottish band myself.  Their trance synthpop music is both soothing and helps to pump me up on a … More #WCW: Lauren Mayberry of the Band CHVRCHES

#MCM: Tyrese Gibson

By Mary Renee Presley Photo courtesy of Tall, chocolate, Capricorn, white teeth and pretty smile are the attributes of my dream man. Coincidently, they are also the physical traits of a man, whom I hold near and dear to my heart. Yes, yes, give it up for my chocolate candy on a rainy or sunny … More #MCM: Tyrese Gibson

Faces of Chambana

Photos and Interviews by Vanessa Herrera Zac “What is your biggest regret?” “Nothing. Live life with no regrets.”” “So you don’t have no regrets?” “No.” “So why shouldn’t you live in regret?” “Because you spend time, money, and energy on something you cannot change.”  Kevin Hopkins “That’s a pretty cool bike. Can you tell me … More Faces of Chambana