Mouthwatering Dishes That Make Being Thankful for Food on Thanksgiving A Little Less Selfish

By Mary Renee Presley

On Thanksgiving Day, millions of families around the world sit around a table and take turns to answer one question “What are you most thankful for?” The most common answer is “I am thankful for my family, my friends and everyone who supports me.”

What about that one person who skips being sentimental and goes straight to praising the food? “I am thankful for all of the delicious food my family has prepared because my friends and I are about to slam. “

So instead of asking people, “What they are most thankful for?” I decided to ask a few people “What Thanksgiving dish are you most thankful for?”


Phi Tran

“Green bean Casserole is my favorite because I love eating healthy and with Thanksgiving sometimes the dishes are not as healthy for you but green bean casserole is a little healthier then most side dishes and it taste good”

green bean

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If you are willing to try a healthier dish this holiday season, Phi has shared a recipe with me to help you all better prepare the best ever green bean casserole.


Aliyah Perkins

“Baked Mac and Cheese is my favorite Thanksgiving dish because it’s cheesy and delicious! It reminds me of my grandma’s good, home cooking.”


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If all things cheesy bring joy and happiness into your life, this recipe will give you all the steps you need to make your own cheesy dish of pleasure.

jasmine g

Jasmine Grullon

“Lechòn is my favorite because it’s a super season thing that we have only for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s a pork dish; I think it’s the pig’s thigh. How to make it? My mom seasons it the night before with sofrito (ground onions, red peppers, and ahjí peppers) and she rubs that all over and inside the pork. Then she puts adobo, sazon, garlic, oregano and other spices and marinates it in the fridge overnight. Thanksgiving morning she puts it in the oven around 8am so it can be ready by 3 or 4. The pork is so soft and yummy.”


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For a different version of this savory pork, you can try this Cuban recipe with step-by-step instructions.

Elijah Okpogie


“I love Jollof rice because growing up in Nigeria I used to eat it a lot and it is common in my house. Every thanksgiving my family makes it and they all taste different.”


Photo courtesy of

When introducing another culture into your home, always start with the food. Jollof rice is the perfect dish to bring home to meet the family. Click here for the recipe.

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