Ada’s U of I Bucket List

By Ada Li

With the fall semester coming to an end, I realized there are many things I still haven’t done on campus to enhance my college experience. Now that its finals season, last minute cramming and writing essays are top priority and my bucket list has been buried under a pile of stress and tears. Even though finals mark the end of the semester, there is always next semester and the coming years before graduation to complete my bucket list. The following are some adventures I have on my personal “U of I Bucket List,” some of which I have done and some I have yet to complete. If you have not done some of the things on my list, please join me as I strive to check them all off before I graduate in 2017!


UIUC Arboretum (Photo taken by Ada)

Bucket List

___ Attend the Urbana Sweet Corn Festival: This festival takes place before school officially starts at Urbana, providing attendees with delicious food, music, and performances.

___ Watch an outdoor movie at the Quad: When the weather is warm at the beginning of the school year, there are movies shown at the Quad at night. It is definitely a different movie viewing experience I look forward to participating in when the weather gets warm.

___ Attend a concert at the Krannert Center: The Krannert Center offers a variety of concerts and performances for students at a discounted price.

___ Go to Illinites: Illinites occur every two weeks at the Union and provide free food and games for U of I Students.

___ Visit the University of Illinois Arboretum: The Arboretum contain an array of beautiful flowers that is great to take a walk through and enjoy before the winter. It is also great for photo shoots.

___ Attend an event at the Japan House: The Japan House offers a traditional Japanese tea ceremony for $8 and other events. The Japan House is located further down from the Arboretum on Lincoln Avenue.

___ Go cherry blossom viewing: Located next to the Japan House, the line of cherry blossom trees will bloom in the spring and provide a breathtaking view of pink and white flowers.

___ Ring the bells at the top of Altgeld Hall: Remember walking to class and hearing the Harry Potter theme song or any other song played by the chimes and bells? Someone at Altgeld Hall, (the building west of the Union) is ringing these bells, and I am determined to join them one day.

___ Attend a free event at the Courtyard Cafe: The Courtyard Cafe, located inside the Union, offers a variety of free events in the evening, from music to improv performances.

___ Eat at Black Dog: The nationally-ranked Black Dog restaurant located in downtown Urbana offers what is rumored to be the most delicious BBQ, however they usually have a long line of people waiting to be served so I may be waiting in line until 2017 before I get to try it!

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