The Soundtrack To My Semester

by Joseph E. Davis

image001Photo Courtesy of

Have you ever had that moment when there is a particular song that describes your exact emotions at that given time? Well, this is the story of my fall semester and all the up’s and down’s that came with it in a musical rundown. I’ll spare you from trying to read through my actual playlist, due to the seemingly never ending list of songs. Instead, this is a condensed look at my semester playlist, highlighting my favorite songs and strongest feelings over the course of this semester.

At the being of the year of course I was as Happy as Pharrell Williams, but by the second month, my life became as repetitive as that song. My schedule basically consisted of homework and work Monday through Friday, and on weekends I was faced with the decision of doing more work, or to try to catch up on the hours of sleep I missed out on during the week. There was also the option of going out and reaping the benefits of all of the hard work that was put in throughout the week, which kind of felt more like a necessity than an option at times. Lord knows, I deserved the break.

But just when I manage to take that well deserved break, midterms were around the corner. Take my word for it, reading your syllabus is usually a good idea. Fortunately, I took my own advice and I was prepared for the workload that comes in mid October. I used my time wisely during this time and I remained a positive vibe, despite those moments where I found it hard to Wake Up. Since the end of the semester is quickly approaching and my song final song has yet to be determined, I guess my final grades will be the determining factor. In the meantime I am happy in the literally sense, with no reference to the song.

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