It’s Almost the End! Issue: Editor’s Note

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It’s almost the end? It’s almost the end!

I have been ready for a break for such a long time. My applications for graduate school almost drive me crazy, not to mention the heavy burden from schoolwork.

The first day of Thanksgiving break, we say goodbye to the libraries which were full of students striving to meet deadlines. No matter you are on the bus back home, having a trip with your special one or friends, or are lying on sofa and watching TV at home, The Spread writers continue to bring joy and suggestions to your Thanksgiving break and talk about what the end of the semester means for them.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? Plan to meet your boyfriend/girlfriend’s family during the break? Want to have a look at the UIUC Student Fashion before you are “schoolsick”? What good shows to binge watch during Thanksgiving break? Some songs to describe your semester?

Let’s enjoy the “show”.

Happy Reading!


Xuanyan (Iris) Ouyang


It’s almost the end y’all!

School is never easy. No matter how light your workload is or how much free time you have, there is always a reason to be stressed about school. This is where our much needed breaks come in! In the beginning of the semester we never think that we would get here so soon, and when it is approaching it seems as though the days move slower than usual. But we made it! So let’s enjoy our Thanksgiving break and relax before finals!

For your entertainment purposes, we reminisce on Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Special, along with your favorite Netflix binge, and hilarious books with terrible endings. We know how hard the end of the semester can be, but we are here to provide you with the laughter and comfort you need to make it through!

In this issue, we want you to know that the end of the semester does not mean your world is about to end. Enjoy the semester playlist one of our writers has compiled for you, and read the plenty of other stories that our wonderful writers have written for you so that you can ease your mind and take a break from school for a bit.

Let’s not forget Thanksgiving is almost here! Enjoy our many stories about the holiday, and most importantly, relax! Take advantage of this free time and enjoy The Spread!

Have a wonderful break filled with sunshine and happiness!

With Love,

Tristin Marshall

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