A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

by Danielle Wetterer

babble.comPhoto Courtesy of babble.com

Every family has special traditions that they do on Thanksgiving that makes their holiday more personal. Traditions are meant to separate something ordinary for the public and craft it into something extraordinary. That is how I look at it at least.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is part of a lot of families Thanksgivings because well… it’s Charlie Brown! This television special was something I used to watch as a child around Thanksgiving, but I lost touch with it over the years. My family is just my mom and me, so our Thanksgiving would change every year because we sort of went wherever we were invited, if we that were to even happen.

UnknownPhoto courtesy of mashable.com

But, I’d like to thank my lovely boyfriend for getting me back into the spirit of Thanksgiving because if it weren’t for him being a poop face in a bad mood on our way to Thanksgiving dinner, I would not have done what I did. You see, earlier in the week he told me A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was his favorite thing to watch on Thanksgiving. He never goes a year without watching it. Alright. So, somebody bummed him out right before we got in the car, and we were about to be in the car for an hour. So of course, I got sympathy mopey because my baby was not feeling the greatest.

I tried everything to make him smile and about half way to our destination, I pull out my phone and search A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I put it in front of his nose, and he perks up. But then he says, “…This is A Charlie Brown Christmas.” It’s the thought that counts, people. I tried! So, I find the right one, and we watch it together. I made him happy, and all was well.


Photo courtesy of bermemes.com

Now, it’s our little special thing we do together on Thanksgiving. Charlie Brown can make anyone happy. Do you have any Charlie Brown Thanksgiving memories?

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