Homecoming/Halloween Issue: Editor’s Notes

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Photo courtesy of majorcurators.com

It’s officially homecoming! The leaves have officially changed, the temperature has officially dropped, and freshman and transfer students have officially adjusted to the U of I atmosphere. We’re more than halfway through the semester, and it’s time to celebrate! Also, let’s not forget that Halloween is next weekend! These next two weeks are prime time for us to enjoy ourselves at the height of the semester.

From tailgating treats to Halloween horror movies, our wonderful writers have compiled lists of some of the most awesome ideas for the occasions. So what if the days are getting colder and shorter? ‘Tis the season to live it up and enjoy the best part of the academic year.

I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to The Spread for this issue and the last issue. You guys mean the world to us, and The Spread would be nothing without you (and neither would I!). I would also like to thank the J.A.MS President Angela Yang for being so damn amazing. She is the beating heart in this publication and I swear I don’t tell her that enough.

Our hell weeks are over (for now) and we deserve to relax these next two weekends. Iris and I hope that a bit of homecoming history and Halloween inspiration get you all motivated to enjoy the festivities! Be safe!

With Love,

Tristin Marshall


Homecoming? Halloween?

If you are excited about them, then you definitely want to check out our new issue! There is still one day left for Illini Homecoming this year. But glance around you, pumpkins are occupying the world. Halloween is on the horizon! Have a look at what fun our writers had during Homecoming, their plans for Halloween and suggestions that they want to share with you.

Yes, The Spread is such a platform where we can spread out ideas. It is also a friend you can turn to when you’re considering what Halloween costumes to wear, how to dress your pets during Halloween, what something fun you can do with your significant one on or around campus.

I’m more comfortable and less stressful on the editor-in-chief position now. But neither my partner Tristin nor I will slack our way to making The Spread better. It is really awesome to have you with us this issue.

Enjoy the Homecoming season and Halloween.


Xuanyan (Iris) Ouyang

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