Halloween Themed Dates

By Christen McGlynn

Halloween is the perfect time for tricks and treats—especially with your significant other. The best part about attending a university surrounded by farms is that it is perfect for fun fall activities.  Located at 3902 South Duncan Road in Champaign, Curtis Orchards provides a variety of activities to participate in to get couples into the Halloween spirit.

image001Photo Courtesy of the Curtis Orchard Website

Although it is known for its delicious apples, Curtis Orchards also grows pumpkins. Picking out the perfect pumpkin with your boyfriend or girlfriend makes for an enjoyable afternoon that could turn into late night pumpkin carving. Have a contest to see who can design the most interesting jack-o-lantern, and then light them up as you cozy up on the couch to a scary movie. Not only do pumpkins provide a fun Halloween-themed activity, but they can also make for a delicious treat. Don’t forget to scoop out the seeds in order to make a salty snack to watch during a scary movie marathon.

image003Photo Courtesy of the Curtis Orchard Website

If you are able to make the trip out to Curtis Orchards be sure to attend during a weekend. Not only are there wagon rides for a mere $2, but couples can also test their skills in a corn maze for $5 a person.  After a fun evening in the fields, couples can take their freshly picked apples or pumpkins back home with them to make tasty treats or spooky decorations.

image005Photo Courtesy of the Curtis Orchard Website

For couples who are looking for a ghostly Halloween, there are a variety of haunted houses and hayrides in the Champaign-Urbana area. Costs vary between houses, but each are assured to be “scream”:

–          The Haunted Barn, located at 1302 N Coler, Urbana. $10 Admission

–          Baldwin Asylum, located at 2040 Lon Drive, Rantoul.  $15 Admission

–          The Haunt at Bone Saw Mill, located at 601 N Country Fair Drive, Champaign.  $10 Admission

image007Photo Courtesy of the Curtis Orchard Website

Whether you and your significant other are looking for a scary or tame Halloween date, there are a variety of options to choose from around campus. Even if you decide to stay home, making hot cider and cuddling next to a bonfire is always a great alternative date that still maintains a Halloween theme.

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