Dressing Up Pets For Halloween

By Danielle Wetterer

Animals have a special place in everyone’s hearts. They are easy to talk to, they listen and don’t talk back, and won’t share your secrets with anyone else. But one thing we all love more than a cute animal, is a cute animal dressed up for Halloween. Come on, how can you even try to be angry when looking at this?

image001Photo Courtesy of mix1065fm.cbslocal.com

image003Photo Courtesy of heavy.com

That is a cat as little red riding hood and a dog as a bear. AHHH!

Now, usually, I am not one to dress up my dog. I don’t like when people have their animals in clothes every minute of the day. There is a time and a place for everything and I think we can all agree that Halloween is one of those times.

image007Photo Courtesy of animalzfun.blogspot.com

I think it’s so adorable when I see a dog or a cat dressed up for Halloween. They even have costume parades and contests for them and it gets me every time. My dog, Chloe, was in one Halloween parade and costume contest and she placed in three categories. My dog is a champion!! She got second place for being the smallest dog (she was beat by this adorable little chihuahua dog the size of my hand and she was already full grown). She won first place for the most donations (her humans were to thank for that one. But she got a nice blanket and shampoo and conditioner out of it). And lastly she won first place for having the cutest costume! And here it is:

image013Photo Courtesy of Danielle Wetterer

image005Photo Courtesy of Danielle Wetterer’s mom

image011Photo Courtesy of Danielle Wetterer’s mom

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