Something to Sink Your Teeth Into

By Shannon Helmuth

Football season is upon us which means: students are donning their thick illini sweaters to combat the brisk wind, cracking open a cold case of Bud Light and sending the aroma of BBQ through the air. That’s right – BBQ. The best thing about tailgating is the mouthwatering food that comes with it. I myself don’t typically watch football, but you can bet I’ll be repping that orange and blue come game day.

Here are our top five BBQ inspired tailgating recipes to really spice up the game:

1.Glazed Baby Back Ribs


Photo Courtesy of

2. BBQ Pulled Pork Tailgate Fries

image003Photo Courtesy of

3.Honey Ginger BBQ Chicken

image005Photo Courtesy of

4.BBQ Pork-and-Apple Kebabs

image007Photo Courtesy of

5.Chipotle Mango BBQ Shrimp

image009Photo Courtesy of

All of the fixings can be found at these markets: County Market, Schnucks and Your Mother’s Kitchen. If you’re unsure of what you and your group would like, you can NEVER go wrong with the baby back ribs. They’re an American favorite and sure to be a hit! So if you’re interested in preparing any of these tailgating delicacies, all you need is man’s best friend – the grill.

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