#FoodieFriday: Fried Foods

By Joesph E. Davis

Think of your favorite food. Now, imagine it being deep fried! Fried foods have come a long way from being just French fries. Nowadays, it more along the lines of “if you can buy it, you can fry it”. Foods that you might have never considered “fry-able” have made their way into the deep fryer. Fried foods have expanded in such a way that has made it suitable for eating during anytime of the day.  You can deep fry anything from burgers to ice cream to tequila shots (yes you read that right)—the possibilities are endless! With that being said, I would like to introduce you to the other side of deep fried. Here’s a list of six deep fried foods that could help make your Fridays better.

1.  Deep-fried breakfast burritos


Photo courtesy of sinosoul.com

2. Deep-fried Bacon


Photo courtesy of virtualcheeseblogger.com

3. Fried Oreos


Photo courtesy of creatdby-diane.com

4. Fried ice cream

ice cream

Photo courtesy of dessert-addicted.com

5. Fried Twinkies


Photo courtesy of i.feedtacoma.com 

6. Fried Tequila Shots


Photo courtesy of Elitedaily.com

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