#TBT: Super Smash Bros. (N64)

By Tori Stukins

3DS Pic

Photo courtesy of http://www.vooks.net

This past Friday, the newest incarnation of the Super Smash Bros series hit shelves countrywide.  Some of us (myself included) may be more gung-ho about the new 3DS title.  I, for one, am ready to play until my thumbs are thoroughly blistered.  Still, I know many of my friends hear Super Smash Bros and reflect back to the days of grandeur where you could get together with three of your closest (or not so close if you had a score to settle) friends to kick butt as your favorite Nintendo characters.  In honor of Nintendo’s newest game baby, I’m bringing you some of the most memorable tropes of the N64’s Super Smash Bros.


Photo courtesy of  http://www.ign.com

 1. The Hammer

The second this cumbersome item pops onto the fight stage, you know every player onscreen immediately ran for that hammer like their life depended on it.  Getting a hold of this hammer was a total game changer for many Super Smash Bros players.  I’m guilty of releasing a cackle or two when I hear that lovely hammer theme music start playing.  In fact, this item is the sole reason a lot of my friends vote to turn off items in newer versions of the game.


Photo courtesy of  http://supersmashbros.wikia.com

 2. Pikachu’s Thunderbolt

Ah, yes.  The infamous thunderbolt.  Other characters’ move sets may have changed, but Pikachu’s signature move has stuck around from the beginning.  While Pikachu is one of the original characters, he always had an advantage over the others by shooting down opponents out of the air with thunderbolt.  I’ve seen fights (okay, maybe not a fist fight) break out over spamming Pikachu’s down-B move.  All you need to know is the second someone chooses Pikachu you better not go airborne.

master hand


Photo courtesy of http://kirby.wikia.com

 3.Master Hand

Of course, if you ever want to see new characters, you have to get past this dude at the end of one player mode.  The picture above isn’t an uncommon situation either.  Master Hand may have taken a ton of damage, but it could still kill Mario easily.  While Master Hand may not have a face, you could still always tell that smug son of a glove was laughing at you through hand gestures.  I get frustrated just thinking about it.

Button Mashing (1)

Photo courtesy of  http://www.twinfinite.net

4. Love Thy B Button

I played the original Super Smash Bros recently, and I have to say there are a lot of differences between it and newer versions.  Naturally, the graphics have vastly improved, and they have removed and added characters.  Still, there is something the original game has that the others don’t.  Here’s the thing, Super Smash Bros is a good, old-fashioned button masher, and I love it.  You could win a match just by laying down on the B button for the entire match.  Persistence was key in the days of the N64: from blowing on cartridges to punching your friend’s character into oblivion.

And finally…

5. This. Freaking. Commercial.

This television spot is thirty seconds of pure gold.  From the costumes to the fight scene, I have never been more impressed with an old commercial.  Sure, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but hey, it caught your attention, didn’t it?  I’d like to see you come up with something better!  Really, though, I will pay someone to re-enact this commercial on campus.

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