EMA: Loner Sings To Herself

By Xuanyan (Iris) Ouyang

She makes me think that she was singing to herself.

She is EMA (Erika M. Anderson), the singer of the Band with the same name EMA. At the 2014 Pygmalion Music Festival, they performed at Canopy Club.

1Photo Courtesy of Xuanyan Ouyang

Bang covered her eyes, she sang,

“Feel like I blew my soul out,

Across the interwebs and streams,

It was a million pieces of silver

And I watched them gleam,

It left a hole so deep inside of me. ”

These are the lyrics of one of their songs 3jane which is from their newest album The Future’s Void.

2Photo Courtesy of Xuanyan Ouyang

Labeled as industrial-folk artists, the Guardian writer said that this album may be the first “truly post-internet” record.

Personally, I like the style of the band. Their music combines blue and industrial rock. The background music is often twisted but with exciting rhythm, leading me to think about the meanings and abstract information they intend or not intend to give us.

3Photo Courtesy of Xuanyan Ouyang

EMA sang for us, and I sensed that she sang from her heart. Just like “whispering” to herself, but on a stage, loudly.

Suddenly, I saw the big necklace on her neck: “LONER”.

“Live with the rats but I couldn’t seem to move,

Not even sure now just what I was trying to prove,

I was alone in the city

I was alone”

IMG_1300Photo Courtesy of Xuanyan Ouyang

Check out the live performance of EMA!


Video Courtesy of Xuanyan Ouyang



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