The Final Stretch: Adjusting To Life As A Senior

by Tori Stukins

You know, I really never thought I would make it here. Okay, I did, but it does not feel like I’ve been attending university for almost four years now. Amazingly, it did not kill me. Believe it or not, it actually got much easier with time. My senior year of high school, I came up with the yearbook theme for that year: Hello Goodbye. In honor of my final year in good ‘ole Chambana, I am bringing back this familiar theme of mine to highlight the differences I’ve marked between senior year of high school and my previous years on campus.


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Say Hello To… Sweatpants                               Say Goodbye To… Planned Outfits

Honestly, some people give up on looking nice for class freshman year, but I was persistent in being presentable until about the end of last year. There is nothing wrong with wanting to dress nice for class, but it just takes up too much time for me. Plus, with the limited amount of time I have these days, I would rather focus that extra time on other fun things, or I suppose, studying. True friends will either call you out on being too much of a slob or embrace you for it anyway.


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Say Hello To… Tote Bags                                 Say Goodbye To… Backpacks

I’m sensing a theme with whittling down to the essentials for senior year. With my increasing sense of ease, I have pretty much forgone stuffed backpacks full of paper, textbooks and stripped my school supplies down to the bare bones. While everyone else seemed to bulk up the load they carry to class after syllabus week, I can pack up after class without worrying about clobbering someone with my bag. Seriously, my little Pitchfork tote bag is now my best friend. By senior year, you have a scary six sense about what you’ll actually need in class instead of what the syllabus says you’ll need.

Late for Class

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Say Hello To… I had class?                       Say Goodbye To… I’m late for class!!

Let me just put up a quick disclaimer by saying that you should try not to skip class because going and absorbing knowledge and what not is important. However, this does not mean that you are not entitled to a nice skip day every once in a while. I remember believing that missing a class meant the end of the world (and more importantly, your grade). Professors will try to instill that fear into you from day one, but here’s the thing I’ve learned. There’s usually a way to get those notes or learn the content. It’s called having a buddy in class or, the more likely, online notes. Everyone deserves a self-care day every once in a while, so if you need to miss class, do it. Just don’t make it too big of a habit.



Photo Courtesy of Tori Stukins

Say Hello To… Forever Friends         Say Goodbye To… First Week (Friend) Flings

Once again, I am not knocking the people who are still friends with those smiling individuals they met the first week of college. Still, I am a huge supporter of giving yourself time to ease into college, and the people you truly click with will reveal themselves. As the years go on, you will notice your group of friends grow less and more refined. Less is not always a bad thing. While I write this, I sit amongst a collection of people that I see myself speaking to years after I left this place, and it makes me happy. Still, everyone’s senior year is different, and I hope you all the best in yours!

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