The Fall Issue: Editor’s Notes


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Every semester, season, and year in college brings change. No matter what year you are, there is something so different about this year from the last. Whether it’s more difficult classes, a new dorm/apartment, or more responsibilities around campus, everyone goes through it. As one of the Managing Editors of The Spread along with my partner Iris, we plan to bring nothing but great changes to this publication.

Fall is the perfect season to discuss such a topic. We watch the summer leaves transition to the crisp colors of fall, we feel the wind as it slowly gets colder throughout the season, and we transition from wearing our favorite flip-flops everyday with no worries to worrying about whether we need a coat or not in the midst of Mother Nature’s mood swings. Everything is changing, and we just have to go with the flow.

One year ago, I wrote my first article to ever be published in a University of Illinois publication. Now, I hope to inspire others to be the best writers they can be and to unleash their creative geniuses for all the world to see. This year, we have new and returning writers, and lucky for us, they’re pretty damn awesome. We also have a new website, and we’re headed in a new direction. What a perfect season to do so! Welcome to The Fall Issue.

With Love,

Tristin Marshall


What does a new semester at University of Illinois mean to you? Interested in the life at UIUC? That’s why The Spread is here.

Focused on local life in Champaign-Urbana area, this issue offers you a taste of experiences in college life. Topics range from local café, dos and don’ts on campus, adjusting to senior life, fall fashion trends, etc.

I feel excited and a bit nervous about being one of the new Managing Editors of The Spread. The first issue of 2014 Fall semester, sincere thanks to all the writers, editors and my partner Tristin. I hope that everything goes well for all of you guys and all get A’s on your midterms.

Happy Reading!


Xuanyan (Iris) Ouyang

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