Is Ireland All That It’s Craic-ed Up to Be?

By Christina Masterson

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For many people Ireland is an island that is home to leprechauns and pots of gold, a magical land full of greenery and blissful mountains. However, for me it is my second home. When I decided I wanted to study abroad, and when I think about where I might want to settle down, one place comes to mind: Ireland. Anywhere in Ireland would do, but my current favourite is Dublin. Every time that I am there and return back to the Land of the Free it feels as though my time there was a dream. If I had the chance to make my whole life feel like a dream, why wouldn’t I?

I’ve always gotten a thrill out of travelling–especially to Ireland. So, when I got the opportunity to give my future a push in the right direction while getting a glimpse of what living in Dublin would be like, I could not pass that up. I was very fortunate to have family and contacts in Dublin that I could ask for said opportunities. I could not be more grateful to my Nana and Auntie for taking me in and allowing me to experience living in Dublin firsthand and to Rod Condell and Chantel DePaor of for giving me the opportunity to gain work experience at their Dublin office located in the Media Cube in Dun Laoghaire.

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I realize staying at my Nana’s house for summer may not sound incredibly exciting regardless of where it is, but I do not have the luxury of having relatives nearby year ‘round. Therefore the chance to spend quality time with my family while accomplishing something was unsurpassable. I usually only get to have a couple weeks here or there with my Nana, aunts, uncles, and cousins, but having two months here made it as though I was actually a part of the family and not just a visitor. I wouldn’t trade my time in Dublin for any amount of blue guys or Kam’s Country Nights.

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I would recommend taking as many opportunities as possible during your youth as it does run out. We only have so many stress-free summers left as students before we head out into the real world and have to work through the warm, endorphin releasing days of June, July, and August. Summer is the perfect time to go somewhere obscure and try out a culture for fit. After all, even if you hate it, it will be over before you even get the chance to realize that you’re homesick. And hey, if you do like it then at least you know.