Faces of Chambana: Week 2, Part 2

Photos and article by Brittney Nadler

Nick Pertzborn, freshman in Business. “I walked to an island. It was off the sea of Germany in the North Sea and during the day, the tide goes back, and it went back about six, seven miles, just enough to go past this island, so I walked across I guess what was the ocean floor to the island. I got there and then at night the tide came back, so I got stranded on an island with like 27 people, but luckily they had a ferry coming that night, so I got on the ferry and got back to the mainland.”


* * *

Left, Tony Gondolfi, freshman in LAS. Right, Ricky Sniegowski, freshman in DGS. “What is the biggest misconception about you?”
Ricky, “I guess that I don’t like sports. I played football all four years of high school. Since I’ve come here, I don’t’ look like I play sports anymore, so some people forget that about me, or I guess they never knew that about me. Sometimes I don’t like the way that people assume when there’s another side of me that I’ve just kind of moved on from.”
“Do you miss it?”
“Yeah, to an extent. I like this more.”
“What’s ‘this?'” “
“I like playing music and watching movies…music mostly. I had long hair and stuff too and that threw people off.”
Tony, “In my hometown, I think people just think I like sports, so the only thing people would talk to me about is sports, and I feel like, especially with my brother, people sometimes think that I don’t have a credible opinion about anything except sports. I just don’t like that.”
Ricky, “We have similar backgrounds which is why we’re friends now.”