Faces of Chambana: Week 2, Part 1

Photos and article by Brittney Nadler

Hyeji Son, senior in Business.“When I’m surrounded by people that I love – we all stress out because of study and a lot of extracurriculars, but something unplanned with my friends and it just happens – that’s the happiest moment, hanging out with my friends that I love.” 


* * * 


Jacob, super senior in LAS. “I walked out of a class whose professor was sexist. She was talking about the wage gap. Basically she wouldn’t let me speak at all in the class and she repeatedly insulted me and cut me off.” “And you got up?” “Yeah, in about a 300 person class.” “Did anyone else follow you?” “No … I regret that I didn’t report her.” 

* * * 


John Shaw, junior in Business. “I fell down the stairs when I was five. I was playing Bloody Mary with my sisters and we ran out of the bathroom because we heard something and ran down the stairs and one of them pushed me.” “Did you break a bone or anything?” “No, I just went unconscious.”

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