Avril Lavigne Isn’t Racist…

She’s just…misguided. Yes, the song is pretty bad, but it is not a reason to call her racist. Here is the video:

Critics are slamming Avril and calling her a racist for her new video “Hello Kitty,” but why? Yes, she does use Japanese words in her song, and yes the video was shot in Tokyo with Japanese dancers, but why does that make her racist? No one accused Gwen Stefani of being racist while she expressed her love for the Japanese culture by using Japanese background dancers in songs like “Rich Girl” and “Sweet Escape.”

So why is it now in the ultra-sensitive world that Avril gets attacked for expressing something she loves? It’s for that exact reason, everyone is too damn sensitive.

According to perezhilton.com, Japan loves the song! They see her as a pop culture hero and find nothing offensive about her video. This is reason enough for everyone to get over it. If Japan isn’t mad, why are you?

Twelve years ago, Avril put out “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi,” and we absolutely adored her. Granted, the twenty-nine year old artist might be too old to be singing about Hello Kitty, she surely doesn’t deserve the backlash that she is getting for her video.