#TBT: Boy Meets World

By Cassidy Williams 

With the release of Girl Meets World fast approaching, here are five things about Boy Meets World that will get you excited for the premiere.

1. Topanga is still the most independent female character I can think of. While most other preteen girls on television were pining over boys and stressing about girl drama, Topanga pretty much did whatever she wanted.

2. Mr Feeney was easily the coolest teacher ever.

Photo/GIF from http://gifrific.com/

Photo/GIF from http://gifrific.com/

3. We all secretly had a little crush on Cory’s older brother Eric.

4. We got to watch Cory and Topanga fall in love, get married, and struggle through living together without dealing with unnecessary pregnancies or cheating scandals.


Photo/GIF from wifflegif.com


Photo/GIF from wifflegif.com

5. Oh and there’s this: