Faces of Chambana: Week 1, Part 1

By Brittney Nadler 


Left is Jenni Jozwiak, freshman in Education, right is Abby Glickman, freshman in Education. “Our favorite memory was when Abby made us walk to Merry Ann’s for breakfast at 6 a.m. on a very cold March morning. Very windy, too. And no one else was out or awake and it was just a blast.” “And I was wearing shorts. And it was a good time!”


Students from Lyons Township High School.  Top, John Scott. Left to right: Aileen Dobersztyn, Ben Reardon, Thomas Derrah. “We’re competing in state for Science Olympiad.”
“Are you excited?”
“Very, we’re hoping to win.”
“I’m doing a test on astronomy with John up there and I’m also doing an event called Disease Detectives. You get various questions about a couple case studies and you just have to answer questions about the probability of getting ill and solve how illnesses arise.”
“I’m doing geologic mapping with John also … and also I’m doing Dynamic Planet which is studying glaciers and how they affect the Earth.” “Do you think you’re going to win?” “We hope so, yeah. We got first at our regionals.”

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