A page out of Amirah’s photo diary: U of I excursion

Photos by Amirah Zaveri

The constant consumption of java and the various iced teas at Espresso.

Amirah, photo

The exuberant amounts of late night drunken foods on campus. Do you want fries in your sandwich, a giant burrito covered in queso or a large pepperoni pizza for one?

Amirah, photo2


19+Bars. $2 Wells? Bar life is U of I life.

Amirah, photo3

The rabid squirrels that roam our pathways, stalk and prey on people with their beady eyes and quick movements, and have no fear when it comes to stealing food from innocent students.

Amirah, photo4
Photo from bestwaywildlife.com.

The dedication, passion and loyalty we have to our sports teams, even after we graduate.

Amirah,photo5With almost a fourth of the undergraduate population involved in a sorority or fraternity, Greek life is extremely prevalent and popular on campus.

Photo from pinterest.com
Photo from pinterest.com


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