The best decision of my teenage life: Tristin Marshall

When I was a junior in high school, I wanted my nose pierced so badly! I begged my mom until she told me yes, and it turns out the only reason why she told me yes was because she thought I was going to punk out and never get it. Well, I did actually punk out. A few times. I thought I was never going to do it because I was too scared (and too broke, getting your nose pierced is expensive!).

In the last few weeks of my junior year, instead of studying for the SAT’s that we were supposed to be taking the next day, my friends and I decided to walk downtown in my city, just browsing around and looking at the new shops like we didn’t have something more pressing to do. It turned out they opened a new hookah shop, so we decided to check it out.

As we approached the shop, we noticed a sign in the window, advertising that they did piercings. We went inside to inquire, and low and behold, they actually did nose piercings. My friends triple-dog dared me to do it, and it was only $10, so damn right I hopped in that chair and proceeded to sell my soul to the piercing devil, and I was excited to do it.

I was nervous, but I went through with it. I got my nose pierced with a piercing gun, which poses tons of dangers such as infections and probably dying, but I didn’t care. My friends recorded me, and that horribly embarrassing video is now on YouTube, with an astounding 100+ views. When the lady finished, I had a rhinestone in my nose that was about as big as Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring.

I eventually changed the ring, and overall, I have no regrets. It will be three years since I got this piercing and I still love it! Thank you peer pressure for helping me make the best decision of my teenage life!

Tristin marshall

One thought on “The best decision of my teenage life: Tristin Marshall

  1. It looks gorgeous, your piercing. This reminds me of my mother. I wanted a tattoo for a very very long time and she kept telling me to go with my father and get it done, because ‘parents know’. This continued for almost a year and I kept telling her how I wanted it and she kept delaying it hoping I’d ‘grow out of the idea’, ‘be scared of the pain’ etc. One day out of the blue, I just went to a tattoo parlour, showed the bloke the design and asked him to make it for me. Since I was living in a hostel, Ma didn’t find out till I met her a month later.
    It’s been 6 months and I’ve not regretted it for a minute.
    Mothers are the same, everywhere. 🙂

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