A winter jacket fit for every personality

By Amirah Zaveri

As students, we spend so much time outside braving the cold. Whether it’s walking to class, waiting for buses or going out on the weekends, these are all instances where we would prefer not to look like an awkward, uncoordinated marshmallow. Finding the right jacket to suit your own personal style is the key to being stylish and warm during these arctic months.

Go elegant.

A straight-line ivory or black colored pea coat with an adjustable wool belt is simple, yet incredibly iconic. The belt will add depth and cinch in your waist creating body to the coat. Accessorize with a classic cashmere scarf and knee-length leather boots. (Purchase at  Kennethcole.com)

Go military.

Feeling tough? A long military-style olive green trench coat with a fur lined hood and wool interior is incredibly comfortable and adds just the right amount of spunk to any outfit. Add combat boots and a large, red or black circle scarf to complete the look. (Purchase at shopruche.com)

Go hipster.  

Invest in a bold patterned, wool duffel coat with rope fasteners and toggles or buttons down each side. These jackets come in several patterns, textiles and designs. To personalize the coat, replace the plain buttons with antique, design-branded gold or silver buttons. Finish the outfit with a plain beanie and oxford loafers.

Go bold.

Stand out this winter (in a good way) with a colorful straight-line jacket. My personal favorite is a ruby red pea coat with simple black or gold buttons. Avoid colorful jackets with ruffles or lots of hardware on the front that will overwhelm the already bold color. Throw on a black or ivory-colored scarf and match with a knitted headband in the same color. (For more fashion advice, check out allaboutfashionstuff.blogspot.com).

Go for comfort.

Wearing a knee-length, black down coat is oddly similar to wrapping your comforter around you and walking outside. The down feathers provide ultimate warmth and leave you feeling cozy and snug. Quick tip. Avoid wearing really thick sweaters underneath this coat so you don’t end up looking like the Michelin Man. If you are petite, buy a down coat with a belt at the waist so it doesn’t overpower your small frame. Complete the look with comfy booties and a simple woolen hat or headband.  (Purchase at stylehive.com).

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