This week In fashion: Boots made for walkin’ through snow

Photos and article by Tristin Marshall 

Staying warm doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking cute. These four fashionistas are just a preview of the hundreds of beautiful boots walking across a slushy, muddy and of course, extremely cold campus. So, ladies, put the Uggs away, and step out in something a little more sleek and stylish.

Sarah Rector, junior, did not let the snow mess up her wardrobe! She matched her tall camel boots with a neutral colored tall sock, the perfect transition between the light colored boot and her dark jeans.

spread boots sarah

Sassy senior Molly Malec shows the weather who’s boss in these winter-resistant boots. Perfect for the snow and cold weather, these boots will make it a breeze to walk to class. The fuzzy blue socks peeking out the top add for a nice, cozy touch as well!

spread boots molly

Junior Zahra Siddiquy rocks her dusted brown boots with a loose tongue and wrap around laces. Although she said she does not intentionally wear them this way, she wears them flawlessly! You go girl!

spread boots zahra

And last but not least, Carrie McMenamin rocks a loafer-boot hybrid. The leather fringes make a bold statement while still keeping its girly edge. These tan boots are completed with an ombre brown toe, making them look vintage and even more fabulous!

spread boots Carrie

*Photos provided are credited to writer, Tristin Marshall, as well.

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